How to run

The health benefits of running are undeniable. Running can help you lose weight, reduce stress, prevent disease, and make you happier. It is hard to ignore the effect of endorphins after a good run. If you are a running beginner, then it is wise to do a little research before strapping on your sneakers and bolting out the door. Here are running tips for beginners to get you started safely on this great form of exercise.

1. Consult a doctor.

Starting running, if you have never done it before, is not something that should be done without first talking to your doctor. Your health may be at risk if you are overweight, of a certain age, or if you are prone to certain injuries or heart conditions. Your doctor can tell you how slow to take it, and what kinds of exercises will be safest for you.

2. Start slow with a running for beginners program.

A running plan for beginners starts with an attainable goal. Maybe you want to run for one mile non stop at a steady pace. Set your goal, and then set a deadline to reach it. Four to eight weeks is a reasonable timeline for reaching new running goals. Try to practice for your goal on a consistent schedule, and allow yourself to fail! By this I mean that you should know you will likely have to start off with a combination of running and walking before you have built up enough endurance to run for prolonged periods of time.

3. Build healthy habits alongside your running routine.

Running is more than just a type of exercise, for many people it is a lifestyle. Embrace it by drinking more water to stay hydrated during your runs, stretching both before and after, eating healthier meals before or after, and incorporating other kinds of exercise in to your routines.

Now that you know how to get started running, being a running beginner should not hold you back! Start running with a friend or family member and you are going to be more likely to succeed and keep at it. Remember that even when you take it slow, beginner running programs are still good for your health and happiness.

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