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Wakeboarding is a Thrilling Water Sport

Humanity has had a long relationship with water, from fishing to commercial shipping to recreation, and in the latter case, there is no shortage of exciting ways to play sports and get moving on or in the water. Anything from

News Flash You Are Not Too Broke for An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be dreamlike, romantic, sunny, and beautiful, but they can seem unobtainable for a bride on a budget. While you can dream of tying the knot on warm, tropical beaches or on faraway, breathtaking cliffs, your wedding wallet

Routine End of Season Maintenance Can Help You Protect Your New or Used Boat Purchase

This is the time of year when lake enthusiasts can sometimes find great deals on marine carpet for boats, woven boat flooring, and even the increasingly popular aquamats. As cooler temperatures approach and the end of lake season comes to

Taking A Look at The Importance Of Boating Here In the United States

Owning a boat is becoming more and more common throughout the United States. In fact, more than eighty five million people have now begun to participate in boating as a leisure activity with more than twelve million households across the

A Look At Boating And Water Sports In The United States

Boating has become an incredibly popular past time here in the United States. Whereas for a long time boating was thought to only really be accessible to those who were wealthy, this is no longer the case. In fact, more

Buying a Used Boat? Here’s What To Look For Before You Buy

It’s not a well known fact that 95% of Americans live an hour or less drive away from a navigable water source, such as a lake, river or obviously the ocean. With boating an incredible and fun way to spend