3 Things You Need to Know Before You Go River Fishing

Alaskan fishing trip

If you plan to take fishing trips to Alaska’s Kenai River, you’re going to need some river fishing techniques. Here’s a few little tips that’ll help.

Learn to Bottom Bounce Your Live Bait. – Bottom bouncing live bait is one of the most effective river fishing techniques you can use. Basically, you bounce live bait off the bottom of the river. There are several types of fishing rigs that’ll help you bottom bounce, so make sure you use the right gear. For example, if you were king salmon fishing, you’re going to want to something that’s sturdy, since those guys put up a big fight. The reason this is one

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3 Steps to Creating a Pool Paradise

Suction pool cleaners

Summer’s here and it’s time to slather on the SPF, grab the towel and head for the pool. Many of us out there have to haul ourselves over to the public pool for a cool dip. But who wants to bathe in a giant cold bathtub with a ton of strangers? In fact, that just sound gross–the complete opposite of refreshing.
If you’re one who is looking for a more luxurious, personalized pool experience, it might be time for you to invest in your own swimming pools. While it may seem like a big investment, building a below ground pool in your backyard is a great way to transform your outdoor environment, helping to create a paradise only footsteps from your backd

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