Do You Remember How Old You Were When You Learned to Ride a Bike?

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Father’s Day 2014.
The 16-year old daughter had thought of the perfect gift.
Even though her father was a serious bike rider who had competed in at least 12 different triathlons, she had never even learned to ride a bike. At first, it was because she was a gymnast. She could not afford to get hurt and miss gymnastics practice. That excuse worked until she was 15, but then she had quit gymnastics, moved onto cross country running and distance running for the high school team. Now, the fact of the matter was she was scared. And old. Too old to learn how to ride a bike, that’s for sure.
With the help of some really good family friends, the 16-year old who knew everything about keeping her balance on a four inch wide beam, but nothing about balancing on a seat between two wheels, decided to conquer what mos

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From Slow Motion To High-Speed High Tech Cameras

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Technology grows and changes every day. The high speed cameras of yesterday, for example, don’t even compare to the slow motion cameras of today. Furthermore, there is more of a need than ever for quality slow motion cameras in multiple fields. There is much more to slow motion cameras than what may initially meet the eye. More than that, however, there are more fields with a need for slow motion cameras than there ever were before. What is behind slow motion cameras? What makes them work? And what can they offer not only the media-related fields, but scientific ones as well? Below, we’ll explore all of that and more. These cameras are valuable products; and when it comes

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Amazing and Adventurous Ways to See the Sights at the Grand Canyon

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Even the most jaded of adventurers are humbled by the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, with it massive and seemingly neverending gorges, ridges, and rock formations. In fact, the Grand Canyon has close to 5 million visitors each year, with more and more coming all the time. Getting to the top to enjoy the view is, in and of itself, an actvitiy that could take anyone hours to accomplish. But many fail to realizing that taking in the beauty of the Grand Canyon is a feat that can be easily done while doing a plethora of other fun activities.
Want to know what else you can do at the Grand Canyon? Read on to find out:

Hiking One of the best ways to take in the sights of the Grand Canyon is by hiking down from the top of the canyon to the bottom. While the Grand Canyon is

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A Truly Unique Honeymoon Destination

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You?re planning the wedding of your dreams and you have everything in order, the dress, the location and even the guest list. The next step in the planning process is figuring out the honeymoon. This will be the location that you will celebrate the important nuptials that you and your spouse have just taken. You will build lasting memories and begin your marriage with this person in this location. Somehow, simply choosing a beach vacation that one of you has been to before doesn?t seem good enough. You want something unique and exciting, something that you will remember for your entire lives. A great, fun and exciting and unique honeymoon destination is that of white water rafting through the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon itself offers a lot to tourists. It provides travelers with roman

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