If You Want to Start Running, Then You Should Start Now

Beginner running

In the United States each year, there are more than 570 marathons. Thousands of runners prepare almost year-round for them, and if it is your goal to participate in a marathon, then to just start running can be the hardest part. Here are three tips to get you started so that you can be better prepared for whichever marathon you plan to participate in.

  1. Start running by starting slow.
  2. In some marathons, individuals run for 26.2 miles or more. You can use a running program for beginners to slowly work up to those distances. On average, someone training to run a marathon will ultimately run about 40 miles while preparing.

    A beginner running program might consist of running for one minute and walking for two, in a series of ten times on Monday, and walking easily for 30 minutes on Tuesday. Then, y

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