Five Tips and Tricks to Planning the Ultimate Outdoor Party

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Ah, summertime: The time of year for relaxing by the pool. Actually, not quite — its time to put together the ultimate backyard party. What you’ll need: A way to stay organized throughout the planning process, some friends and family, and party rental equipment.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind when planning your outdoor party this summer:

The invitations. What good would a dance floor rental be if there was no one to use it? Spread the word by either using traditional snail mail party invites (which will make your guests feel appreciated) or by creating a closed Facebook group. Using social media can help you advertise your party, and it will allow you to be abl

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The Sports Betting Statistics You Weren’t Looking For

Football betting picks

Don’t let the tight restrictions on gambling in the U.S. fool you — betting is actually a huge global industry:

  • 2300 B.C. The date of the earliest record of gambling. According to the American Gaming Association, the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptians, and Romans are all known to have engaged in various sorts of dice and gambling games.
  • $600 billion The estimated amount of money the changed hands in 2013 as a result of gambling.
  • 13% The percentage of the global gambling market which is occupied by sports betting alone.

Gambling has also held an important place in American culture for many years:

  • 30 million The number of visitors that come to Nevada every year to place sports bets.
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