Proof That There Are Amazing Fish to Catch in Alaska

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Every year, a milieu of eager people take Alaskan fishing trips in the hopes of making the catch of a lifetime. After all, people have caught some pretty amazing fish in Alaska before. Here are just a couple of the most spectacular fish in Alaska to ever be caught.

The Mammoth Halibut.

Last summer, 77-year-old Jack McGuire nearly made it into the sport-fishing record book. He hooked a gigantic halibut, a type of fish well known for its violent thrashing. Fearing that the mammoth fish might sink the boat or hurt its passengers, the captain shot and harpooned the beast. Now, had the captain known that it was a record breaking 482-poun

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Why a “Green” Pool With Salty Water is Actually A Lot Better Than it Sounds

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Typically, salty isn’t considered a good thing. Eating foods that are salty on a regular basis can increase one’s blood pressure to unhealthy levels, and people who are “salty” are often described as bitter or generally unpleasant to be around. However, every rule has an exception, and in this case, the exception is a salt chlorinator.

A niche market for salt water pools is rapidly expanding as more and more pool owners are searching for more sustainable and cost effective ways to enjoy their backyard oasis. While everyone may agree that pools are a great way to beat the heat during the summer and are easy to enjoy, they can be time consuming — and even expensive — to maintain. Sw

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Various Ways to Heat Your Pool This Summer

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It’s that time of year again — swimming pool time — and everyone is eager to dive in. Yet no one wants to jump into a frigid swimming pool whose average temperature may be a chilly 60-something degrees. Because water has such a high density, it takes more energy from the sun to heat up than other materials like metal. So how does one heat up a pool quickly in order to have more play time?

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3 Quintessential Summer Fun Activities Found in Kids Camps Across the Country

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All through the nation, there are approximately 12,000 summer camp programs for children and adults, with around 5,000 operating during the day alone. For many families, summer camps for kids get children out of the house and moving around, and they can also provide childcare during the summer months away from school, too. Most importantly, however, summer camp is the perfect place for kids to make new friends and learn valuable lessons about teamwork that they otherwise wouldn’t get by staying home all summer.

So what should your kids expect when they enroll in summer kids camps? Here are three things you’ll find in virtually every summer camp throughout the United States:

Swimming and Other Water Activities

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Camping Preparation Guide

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Camping is a great way to get away from civilization and reconnect with nature. It can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed, even after just a couple of days away. In 2012, 74% of those asked said they camped in a public campground, and 38 million people enjoyed it. However, important things such as reliable cooler brands or first aid knowledge fly under the radar, though they are important to consider for the safety of your trip. Do you know all of the things you should be keeping in mind as you hit the road? Test your knowledge against our three tips below!

Never arrive after dark.

First of all, if it’s dark, you cannot properly assess your surroundings. This may mean something as simple as not finding the best place to set up the tent, to something more serious such as n

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