Whitewater Rafting Unique And Exciting Adventure For Almost Any Age

Grand canyon river rafting

For about 28% of Americans, whitewater rafting trips are either part of their lives already or something they’d like very much to do. It’s a totally unique outdoor experience for adventurers from 8 to eighty.

River raft trips are a memorable bonding experience for couples, families, alumni and other groups, for corporate team building – the possibilities are limitless. You’ll step away from the modern world and all its pressures…get to know others and yourself a little better.

Imagine white water rafting in the Gr

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Why You Should Let Your Child Play


when children play there is a certain magical element to it. They can pretend and imagine and have absolutely no worries or inhibition about anything.

It is also very beneficial to their development. Children need to play in order to develop and physical, social and mental growth.

Playtime can actually make your child smarter. Interacting with toys is the main method by which children can acquire a lot of the basic skills that they need. They can learn how things work, move and function as well as learning to manipulate their own hands and fingers. Children generally learn about colors, numbers, letter, shapes and sizes through playing with toys.

It’s also important for the social aspect

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How Camp Can Create The Most Memorable Summer Of Your Child’s Life


Each summer, it seems to become more and more difficult to find things for kids to do that don’t involve electronics. Children often end up spending more of the summer watching TV or playing video games than they do playing outside. Not only does this stunt creativity and social growth — it’s terrible for their health as well. With the average child spending seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen, something must be done in the summer to keep them healthy and active. The answer is surprisingly old-fashioned, and amazingly wholesome. Summer camps — and beach camps in particularly — take kids back to the days when children were really children. Below are some of the many reasons

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4 Reasons to Let Your Child Play

Educational toys

Recently I had a child ask me to play with her so I willingly obliged and she handed me a toy horse and told me I was the mom of her two horses. I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing and he could not play how she wanted me to. My imagination was drawing a blank and my improvisation was dormant. I remember playing as a kid and the simplest things were so entertaining.

Play is such an important part of childhood and it should never be inhibited. There’s more to it then the child simply playing with magnetic tiles and blocks to keep themselves entertained while mother cleans. Let’s go over a few of the benefits of child play.

Being allowed to pretend or the imaginative is very important and begins as young as the age of two years old. Children should be

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