What Kind of Wading Gear Do You Need For Fly Fishing, And What Can You Do Without?

Fly tying kit

Ask the average person to picture a fly angler, and what do they see? A lone figure, waist deep in a woodland river, masterfully whipping their fly across the water. This angler is most likely wearing rubber waders, suspenders, and a floppy bucket hat decorated with hooks and lures. And sure, that’s one way to go fly fishing. When men and women first start exploring the exciting sport of fly fishing, they can quickly be overwhelmed. There’s so much to learn, and even more to buy!

So What Kind of Wading Gear Do I Need To Start Fly Fishing?

The truth is, you don’t need any wading gear to start fly fishing! Despite what you may imagine, many fly anglers never step foot in the water, i

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heart attack

Runner Revived After Suffering Heart Attack During Chicago Marathon

heart attackRunning is an amazing overall workout and a great way to stay in shape. The benefits are numerous and it’s available to virtually everyone, as all you need are a decent pair of running shoes and some open space. You really don’t even need those things either considering some people run barefoot and many use treadmills to pile up mileage. Running, though, is a strenuous activity that can lead to serious complications in certain situations.

A man in his 60s experienced one such complication as he became one of the 735,000 Americans that have a heart attack annually this past Sunday while running the Chicago Marathon, according to the Chicago Tribune. Midway through the race the man suffered a heart attack and was in desperate need of quality healthcare services. Fortunately, a Chicago Fire Department paramedic was nearby the Lake Shore Drive and Melrose Street location it occurred at and immediately began administering emergency heart attack treatment.

The paramedic used an automatic external defibrillator to revive him from the heart attack and restore his heart rhythm back to normal. It’s certainly not an uncommon occurrence, as someone suffers a heart attack every 43 seconds in the United States. Larry Langford is a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department and believes the situation could have been tragic if there hadn’t been professionals in the vicinity.

“He was down, and we were on the scene first,” Langford said. “he could have died.”

The man was taken by ambulance to Presence St. Joseph Hospital medical center where his condition reportedly stabilized. While there were other people that were treated with injuries throughout the day, his was the most serious. It’s unclear if the man, who has yet to be identified, suffered from high blood pressure, cholesterol, or is a smoker, (49% of Americans have at least one of these conditions) which are all high risk factors for heart disease and subsequently heart attacks. All things considered, a pretty lucky day for race organizers.

Don’t You and Your Home Deserve a Fabulous Pool?

In ground pool in houston

In the United States, there are almost 10.5 million residential pools and more than 300,000 public swimming pools, because 36% of children and 15% of adults swim at least six times a year. Now, while the most popular sporting activity in the US is walking, and the second is exercising with weights and other exercise equipment, swimming is a close third (and the most like flying).

Are You Taking Care of Your Pool?

Your pool?s lifespan could be cut in half if you don?t properly maintain it, and with just a bit of knowledge, you can easily clean your own pool in just 20 minutes or less. If you notice reduced water flow and more debris in the pool than normal, you should

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Keep Your Kids Active With Summer Camp!

Kids camps

Are you a parent who is on a mission to raise healthy, fit, active, and happy children? Maybe you are tired of the fast food culture in this country and want something better for your future generations. If so, you aren’t alone! Millions of parents in America are attempting to find ways to enrich their children’s life through healthy activities. One of those activities is beach camp.

1. Camp For Fitness – If you ever got the chance to attend summer camps as a child you surely remember all of the fun activities that you got to do. From kayaking to volleyball there seems to be an endless amount of activities for kids. As a parent, you know that children need at leas

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3 Pool Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Backyard

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Swimming pools are one of America’s great mid-level luxuries. There are currently over 10 million residential pools in the country and more than 300,000 public ones. Average in ground pools will cost between $20,000 and $50,000 making them just expensive enough to be considered a luxury, but affordable enough for many middle-class families to own. Whether you’ve owned one for years or are just thinking about pool installation it’s never to late, or early, to start thinking about pool remodeling that can set your yard apart and increase the value of your real estate at the same time. Here are three ways to go achieve successful pool remodeling.