Why Body Armor is a Good Idea for Law Enforcement

Body armor plates

In today’s world, it often feels as though we are bombarded with news and stories of violence and danger running rampant across the nation as well as overseas. We live in a time that can be perceived as precariously balanced when it comes to the sociopolitical scene. It is important to stay informed, take precautions to stay safe, and get involved when possible, but to also be able to weed out the hype and fear mongering from the actual news. Now is the time to take action, but not in an ignorant or hasty manner. Find out the facts, and act on those, rather tha

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Make a Big Wave With a Premier Ballast System

Water sports

If you live near the water, there’s a good chance that you’re very much into water sports and the new crazes that take the market by storm, such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing. If you’re just getting into these sports, you want to make sure you’re getting the right kind of equipment. As you’ve researched, you may have come across ballast systems and wondered, “Why do you need a ballast system anyway?” A ballast system can help increase your wake — and after a few times on the board, you’ll understand why a bigger wake is better — by weighting the boat properly. For those who ask, “Why do you need a ballast system?” the answer will become quite clear once you advance from the beginners level when it comes to wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

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