Starting a business from scratch is no easy task. In many ways it requires the patience and motivation for running a marathon rather than a sprint. In situations like Jeff and Kristi’s, fishing tour companies can get started through flipping another small business to make it more profitable and providing the entrepreneur with revenue to start their new business.

Much like going for a run with a partner, starting a business with a partner can lessen the workload on any individual, and expand opportunities for outreach and communication throughout the communities and partnering companies you wish to operate.

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Involvement in multiple small businesses, and partnerships between these businesses, can put each other on the map and increase customer pools.

An important thing to consider is your own health and well-being as a business owner. Keeping yourself healthy can improve your ability to run a business. The more prepared you are for the unexpected, the better service you will be able to provide your clients and customers. In Jeff and Kristi’s case, they prioritize physical fitness and a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.

The key to Jeff and Kristi’s success in the world of fishing tour companies has been their financial support from other business endeavors. In their case, being active as YouTube account managers and part of the indoor digital screen business has brought them the extra income to finance everything they need as a charter fishing company.

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