Imagine for a moment that you are out for your daily morning run. Out of nowhere, a vicious dog runs up behind you and chases you while snarling ferociously. What would you do? Do attacks can be serious matters. If you do get attacked by a dog, you can contact dog bite attorneys to receive compensation for injuries. However, it is ideal to avoid or escape these attacks in the first place.

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In this video, you will learn how to survive a dog attack.

First, don’t panic. Dogs become more confident if they sense that you are intimidated. Second, don’t run. Dogs are faster and running will trigger their natural instinct to chase. In fact, standing still will likely deescalate the situation. You will also want to avoid direct eye contact to show that you are not a threat. Also make fists so that the dog can not bite off any of your fingers. However, if you have anything in your hand, throw it in another direction to cause a distraction. The dog may even chase this object instead. Lastly, tell the dog no in a strong voice. If none of this works, it is perfectly fine to defend yourself in any means necessary.


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