Grand canyon river trips

Can you see yourself going down the Colorado River on a raft, enjoying the fresh air and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon? River raft trips are one of a kind adventures, perfect for nature-loving families, campers and groups of all kinds and ages.

White water rafting through the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience
for ages eight to 80. The Paiute Indian name for it – “Kaibab” – translates as “mountain lying down” or “mountain turned upside down.” And the distinctive creamy white Kaibab limestone surface is where the park’s five million visitors stand to take in the panoramic view of the canyon. White water rafting has gained great popularity as a sport, attracting some 28% of Americans who either have done it or plan to.

People interested in geology might want to know that the rock the Colorado River cuts through is called “schist”, and it’s a metamorphic type that’s been around for 1.75 billion years. That makes it almost half the age of the earth itself. It’s believed, based upon available evidence, that the river broke through the west end of the canyon about five million years ago.

Over three quarters of Americans consider outdoor recreation to be an important part of their lives. And some of the benefits of whitewater rafting are obvious: the fresh air, the communing with nature in all its glory, the photography opportunities and the chance for a unique and memorable shared experience.

But did you know it helps with weight control? A typical person weighing 155 pounds will burn 352 calories. Someone who weighs 180 does even better, losing 409.

The Grand Canyon is part of our history, there to see and enjoy no matter where you come from or what your status in life happens to be. It’s a truly remarkable testament to the awesome power of nature over long periods of time. Everyone should see it at least once, and doing so by raft is even more rewarding.

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