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A camping trip or a hike can be a fun and healthy activity to do alone or with friends or family. The last thing you want is a bear attack ruining your good time. Don’t let that happen. Read the following to learn how you can avoid bear trouble.

How to Prevent a Bear Attack

  1. Be loud: Making a lot of noise while you walk will make your presence known, so you won’t surprise the bear. When a bear sees sudden movement he is more likely to react aggressively. Never sneak up on a bear.
  2. Avoid trees: You may assume that a bear can’t climb a tree because of his massive size. You would be wrong. Never climb a tree to escape a bear attack; he will follow you right up that tree.
  3. Do not run: If you run the bear will think you are prey. He will chase you and he will catch you because you probably can’t run faster than a bear no matter what kind of shape your body is in.
  4. Do not bring pets: Taking your dog for a hike can be a lot of fun, but if you find yourself in an area known to have bears, it might not be so fun. A dog can provoke a bear, putting you both at risk. On a similar note, keep children close by you, and pick them up if you see a bear.
  5. Be careful where you camp: Before setting up your tent, look around the campsite for discarded food, dead animals, or anything that may attract a bear. Also, keep an eye out for signs that a bear was there recently like tracks, feces, or scratched trees.
  6. Be scent-free: Use fragrance-free body and hair products, and do not wear any kind of perfume. Bears are attracted to odors and can detect them from over a mile away. In fact, those insect-repelling citronella candles we use to keep the bugs away can actually attract bears. When it comes down to bugs or bears, you should always take the former.
  7. Isolate your food: Keep all food, even pre-packaged items, in bear-proof containers, and leave them at least 100 yards away from your tent. When you are cooking, do it downwind and 100 yards away. Never keep food in a backpack, portable camping coolers, or in any container near your tent that is not sealed and odorless.

Don’t be stupid. Adhere to a few simple rules and suggestions, and your camp or hike will be bear-free!

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