Santa rosa beach babysitting service

Many people enjoy bicycling as a healthy, environmentally-friendly transportation option. Unfortunately, when going on vacation, there is hardly space to pack a bicycle in a carry-on bag, so most cyclists end up renting a car or taking a taxi to their ideal destinations when visiting the beach. Renting a bike on vacation is a great way to continue utilizing environmentally-friendly transportation.

The exact system of bicycle rentals varies by company. Some companies allow you to pick up a bike at one rack and return it at one of many other bike racks in the area. Others require you to return the bicycle where you picked it up. Some bike rentals encourage you to rent the bicycle as long as you need it, while others may charge by the hour. If you are unsure about the policies of the rental company, ask questions when you pick up the bicycle.

Some bicycle rentals are operated without attendants at all, instead relying on automated bike racks that operate like vending machines. Automated bike rentals should have instructional signs telling you the rates and rental policies, but these may have been vandalized or rendered unreadable by exposure to weather. If this is the case, check online for reviews and instructions before renting a bicycle. This will help you avoid hidden fees.

If you intend to rent a bicycle as your main form of vacation transportation, be prepared when you pack your bags at home. Bring plenty of bright, reflective clothing and don’t forget to pack your helmet. While riding a rented bicycle, remember to follow the rules of the road. Never pass a car on the right, ride with traffic, and use your hand signals to communicate with motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.

Renting a bicycle is a great way to remain committed to fitness and the environment while enjoying your beach vacation. If you are prepared with a helmet and follow the safety rules and company procedures, you are sure to enjoy your time on a bicycle.

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