Hunting gear

Summer is just around the corner, and if you’re planning an outdoor adventure, you need to make sure you have the appropriate gear to be prepared. Millions of Americans participate in activities like camping, hiking, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, and more throughout the year, but their trip won’t be a success without the right supplies. Before you create your camping checklist for this season, here are some different activities that you might consider stocking up for this summer:


Whether you’re heading to an archery range or just your own backyard, you’ll want to make sure you have the right archery equipment. Archery doesn’t just include simple bows and arrows. There are a variety of different types of archery equipment to choose from, depending upon what type of activity you’ll be participating in or whether it’s a competition. Where a standard bow might work for sport, hunters, for example, often use crossbows instead.


Camping is among the most popular of all outdoor activities. Each year, about 43 million Americans go camping, and that number is increasing every year. The list for camping gear can get pretty extensive, especially if you’re a fan of “glamping” and don’t like roughing it in the woods. At a basic level, however, you’ll at least need to bring a tent, sleeping bags, canteens for water, food and outdoor cooking supplies, and clothing appropriate for the outdoors.


Each year, about 38.05 million people take part in hiking, both alone and in groups. This is one of the top summer activities because it allows Americans to take in their surroundings, whether it’s a local wildlife preserve or a huge national park. Hikers need to make sure they have adventure gear suitable for all terrains, including the right kind of footwear and lightweight, weather appropriate adventure clothing. If safety is a concern, hikers should pack some first aid supplies in with their backpacking gear.

Hunting and Fishing

Approximately 38 million Americans hunt and fish each year, so they need to have the right protection and hunting gear. For most hunters, this includes guns, ammunition, camouflage, and other protective equipment. Some hunters also prefer to use archery equipment, such as crossbows, in place of guns and ammunition. Those who prefer to fish need fishing rods, lines, tackle, and bait in addition to safety equipment necessary for boating out on a lake.

Scuba Diving

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of the summer weather than heading to the beach and hanging out in the water. Scuba diving off the nation’s coast can be a rewarding experience that allows you to see the beauty of nature up close and interact with wildlife. However, this activity also needs to be done safely and often under supervision. Make sure you have an adequate oxygen tank, scuba gear, and other supplies.

Have more questions about what you need for summer fun? Visit your local sporting goods store to get an idea of the supplies you’ll need to buy. You can also ask for suggestions in the comments below.

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