Skydiving can be one of the most incredible and exhilarating experiences imaginable. Tandem skydiving provides the additional security of being attached to an instructor or other certified individual while skydiving. In order to participate in tandem skydiving, one must be at least eighteen years of age and have no major health concerns that may endanger the skydiver or instructor. Here are a list of five incredible places to plan your next tandem skydiving trip for the new year!

1. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Another term for a tandem skydiving location is a “drop zone” and this drop zone is like no other! It features a picturesque three-dimensional view of mountains so incredible, you might forget that you’re rocketing toward earth at hundreds of miles an hour!

2. Space Coast, Florida

This particular drop zone is an incredible option if you’re looking to tandem skydive in the United States. The freefall heights are 11000 feet and 15000 feet and are a great option for a first time jumper or a professional tandem skydiver.

3. Marche, Italy

Italy is known for it’s excellent cuisine and spectacular views and has incredible tandem jump spots for any adrenaline junky. Marche Italy provides incredible views into the country’s scenic landscape, and is a great way to spot national landmarks and monuments from a bird’s-eye view.

4. Nadi, Fiji

Fiji has become one of the most attractive vacation destinations over the past few years. It provides opportunities for snorkeling, sunbathing, and incredible tandem skydiving. Additionally, because Fiji is a relatively small island, the views can be absolutely incredible at 14000 feet and above.

5. Paris, France

France is an amazing spot to vacation and the view of the cityscape from above is really unparalleled. The prices in Paris can be a little bit more expensive, but the views from above are absolutely priceless.

Planning a tandem skydiving trip into your next vacation can be an incredibly worthwhile experience. There are so many different locations and sites that provide unmatched beauty from above. Additionally, adding an adrenaline filled activity can give your otherwise relaxed vacation just the right jolt of energy. So take a leap of faith and JUMP into your next tandem skydiving experience today!

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