Though sports can often divide, they more often bring us together. It’s something that’s reflected in the money that we shell out every year. The North American sports industry is predicted to be worth almost $75 million by 2020 and is expected this year to rake in almost $70 billion, thanks to tickets, merchandise sales, media rights and sponsorship fees, per PricewaterhouseCoopers. From the Kentucky Derby to the NFL, we love the spectacle. Basketball has been steadily growing in popularity and college football and college basketball both have major followings. The ultimate is going to a live game or traveling for a major event like the Super Bowl, World Cup, Kentucky Derby, or the PGA Masters. These events are often held in major cities or have become special because of the place they’re held, so sports travel can often segue into regular travel as well, with more to do for those who maybe aren’t superfans.

Get Loud and Proud
The five biggest (and most popular) sports in the United States are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. Almost 40% of adults said that football was their favorite sport to watch (though baseball has taken a bit of a downturn recently, with just under 10% saying it was their favorite sport to watch).

Most teams are built around a city that can support them. For example, there are only five cities in the United States that have all four major sports teams (basketball, football, baseball, and hockey) — Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia. And Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Miami, Dallas, Boston, New York City, and Minneapolis all have four major sports in and around the metropolitan area.

What Do Sports Travel Packages Look Like?

There are certainly a range of sports travel packages, and so whether you’re a Kentucky Derby fan or want to get to the Super Bowl this year, there’s a package that’s right for you. There are of course VIP packages, but also ones that are more affordable if you’re not totally willing to break the bank on the experience.

These packages can really help take the stress out of everything. If you’re traveling to a game, they organize for your hotel, ground transportation, as well as your tickets. And if you happen to run into any ticket snafus along the way, they have experts on hand to sort things out. Pre-game tailgates and admission to VIP seating or complimentary food or drink might also be included.

In some cases, buying the package can help you save money on an out of this world experience; buying each element piecemeal would wind up costing much more. Depending on the package and the event you’re hoping to see, there might even be special cocktail hours, dinners, or exclusive events that you’ll get access to, thanks to the travel package. And most will offer you some swag to take home and remember the experience by!

What Should I Keep In Mind on a Sports Tour?

Certain agents or sports tour companies might even be able to get you into usually sold out events, if you book early enough and are willing to shell out a little extra money. Most companies will have their own rules and regulations that they’ll ask you to abide by, so maintaining some level of decorum is important. You should know beforehand what kind of elements you want in the package.

Being on time is also usually imperative to these kinds of tours, otherwise you might risk being left behind or missing out on an must-see moment. You should also be sure to review all agreements thoroughly before signing and check for any hidden fees, deposits, or extra money down that’s not covered in the upfront package total. Make sure you pack appropriately — have plenty of water and sunscreen on hand (if you’ll be outside) and that you have cash on hand for any incidentals.

Go nuts at the Kentucky Derby or Super Bowl this year with a sports travel package. You’ll experience amazing hospitality and perks and catch a sporting event the rest of the world has to watch on TV!

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