Educational toys

In a world where most kids have a tablet or smartphone by the time they’re five years old, many parents are afraid that their children will miss out on the experience of playing with actual toys. Sometimes it can feel as if there is no toy on the market for children that doesn’t feature bright screens and in-app purchases.

Fortunately, there are still fun and educational toys for children that don’t require a charger. Magnetic toys are quickly becoming the go-to option for parents looking to enrich their child’s play time, and for good reason.

Magnetic construction sets allow children to develop important spacial recognition, math skills, and plenty of other important aspects of learning. Magnetic toys have no “final level” or sequels, which means they can enjoy them for years to come. Here are just three of the many reasons that so many parents are getting magnetic building toys for their children:

  • Fun and educational. Almost every child has a wild imagination, and they need a constructive outlet to materialize these ideas. If a child is in a stimulating environment with fun and education toys, he or she has a 25% greater ability to learn. Additionally, the skills children take from magnetic toys will stick with them for the rest of their scholastic and professional careers. In fact, about 66% of adults working in math-related roles (such as accountants and bankers) preferred to play with puzzles as children.
  • No bright screens. Children only embrace technology so much because they have a tablet in their hands from the moment they start preschool. The truth is, today’s children still have the same intrinsic hunger for knowledge and growth as you did as a child, even if they don’t know it yet. If you give a child just fifteen minutes of play, they will use some (or all) of that time learning about spatial and mathematical principles.
  • Get some “me” time. While your child is busy constructing the world of their dreams, you can finally get some things done around the house. Many parents are growing increasingly frustrated with in-app purchases on smartphones and tablets, which can really add up over time. There are no in-app purchases with magnetic toys, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that your children are being productive during playtime.

IF you’re looking for a great alternative to the vapid wasteland of tablet apps for your children, than look no further than magnetic toys. Your children will fall in love with them instantly, and you likely will too.

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