Many people dream of traveling overseas, but that can be a hassle. You have to have a passport, which costs a couple hundred dollars and isn’t good forever. If you are traveling somewhere exotic, you might have to be vaccinated against certain diseases. Depending on where you are going, there also is likely to be a language barrier to overcome. And, of course, traveling overseas can put you at risk if you are traveling to a country that has a high crime rate or the possibility of terrorist attacks. The good news is, there are opportunities to travel within the U.S. that make you feel like you have visited another country.

One place to consider going is Alaska. There are many options for travel packages to Alaska. You can go on an Alaskan cruise or sign up for all inclusive Alaskan fishing packages. Alaska is the place to go if you are into seeing wildlife. In Alaska, you can encounter bears, moose, whales and a number of other animals that you may not ever get a chance to see in the lower 48 states. And you don’t have to rough it to do it. There are a number of luxury wilderness lodges in Alaska, and all inclusive Alaskan fishing packages often include stays in fishing lodges. Traveling to Alaska is not likely to let you down, as three out of every four visitors say they were very satisfied with there visit, and nearly two-thirds of people say their visit exceeded their expectations.

If you prefer a more tropical vacation, another U.S. destination to visit is Hawaii. Hawaii truly is an “overseas” destination, as it is about a six-hour flight from the West Coast. The great thing about Hawaii is you get what feels like an international travel experience to a place that is a U.S. state and has all the same laws and customs you are used to. There is plenty to do in Hawaii, including boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and general sightseeing. If you want luxury travel, Hawaii definitely is the place, with hundreds of resort destinations for you.

Americans do 85 percent of their travel inside the U.S., and it’s easy to see why. No other country offers the ability to see so many different sights within its own borders, while also giving you the opportunity to travel to “overseas” destinations like Alaska and Hawaii.

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