Sports are played around the world, and some date back many years. Today, sports enthusiasts typically watch their favorite teams and sports on TV at home or in sports bar, but nothing beats seeing the real thing. Sports travel packages, and sports travel and tour packages can be a fine gift for oneself or a loved one who follows a favorite team. Someone may go see Rugby played in Japan in 2019, or watch horses race in the Kentucky Derby, just to name two examples. Some sports have nearly universal appeal in North America or Europe, and this ranges from hockey to basketball to golf. Golf masters packages, for example, may be bought ahead of time for any golfer, and masters packages might be found for a fair price online. Masters packages for golfers might include hotel reservations and tickets to the events themselves. Something similar might be said for other sports packages, too. What’s the current state of sports in North America?

Sports Today

Someone who’s looking for sports packages for their favorite team have plenty to choose from, as there are many popular sports in North America today. A person might find sports travel packages online for any of these sports, and the sports industry knows that many fans are looking for a fine package to see their favorite teams play live. Today, the North American sports industry is expected to earn around $69.4 billion from combined ticket and merchandise sales. Not to mention media rights and sponsorship fees. Estimates show that this industry could grow even more, and reach a size and value of $74 billion by the year 2020.

Sports packages may be found easily for the top 10 sports played and watched in the United States. The top five, in particular, are basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and hockey, with martial arts, wrestling, golf, tennis, and motor racing completing the top 10. Other sports may exist too, from rugby to horse racing to squash and water polo, but those top 10 may dominate the public’s attention. Some major American cities, in fact, host several teams, each for a different sport. Today, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit have many different teams in them. Professional and college sports alike prove popular, and students at a university are bound to come out and watch their teams (and classmates) play. A Statista survey in 2017, for example, found that around 31 million people attended college sports events.

These sports are popular to not only watch live, but on television as well. Surveys are found to see which sports are most popular to watch, and this may act as a general guide to see which sports may sell the most sports packages. In that survey, it was found that 37% of respondents named American football as their favorite sport to watch, and baseball, meanwhile, hit a historic low at 9%. This may suggest that sports packages for some sports types may sell in greater numbers than others.

Getting a Package

Someone interested in finding a sports package is urged to look online for one, and to look early. As with hotel reservations and plane flights for popular tourist destinations during busy season, packages might sell out fast during a heated sports season or tournament. A golfer, for example, may look for masters packages online for an event they wish to attend. An online catalogue will allow the person to view different masters packages and their price and contents. The shopper may see where the event is being held and on what dates, as well as the lodgings provided at nearby hotels. These masters packages, while still available, may be bought online ahead of time. The guest may then print off various tickets or forms for an airplane, a hotel reservation, and of course at the event itself.

Someone looking for packages for football or basketball may follow a similar strategy. If a high-voltage game or tournament is coming up, these packages might sell fast, and a person is urged to plan ahead for this. Such packages may contain event tickets, hotel reservations, parking rights, and even memorabilia such as hats, scarves, plaques, and more. This may vary from one package to another.

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