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Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. As such, now is the perfect time to reflect on the various contributions Native American tribes have made — and continue to make — to American culture and society.

Upon first arrival, Spanish conquistadors and European colonials believed the Native American people to be lawless, uncivilized savages. This was in part due to their tribal appearance and polytheistic religious beliefs, both of which contrasted with European aesthetics and belief systems. The colonists felt the need to educate, domesticate, and convert Native American peoples to European ideals, and in doing so, destroyed various aspects of Native American culture, some of which cannot be recovered. For example, many, sacred ancient books from Central American native tribes were destroyed by fire, as the Spanish conquistadors considered them to be sacrilegious towards Catholicism.

However, Native Americans are known for their resilience, and several aspects of Native American culture have been adopted, and now celebrated, by modern American culture. For example, the tomahawk axe, often regarded as a deadly weapon, was a multifunctional tool used by several Native American tribes. Although combat tomahawks were used during war, some of the best tomahawks were used for everyday tasks such as skinning animals, rooting vegetables, or for entertainment in tomahawk throwing competitions.

Today, modern tomahawks are widely used by military personnel and law enforcement agencies. While today’s hand forged tactical tomahawks are made from different materials than their Native American counterparts, their original design and versatility remain intact. Modern hand forged tactical tomahawks are used for a variety of tasks, such as in breaching. They are commonly used to break down or cut through difficult material, such as wood or metal doors. Additionally, they are commonly used in search and rescue operations for tasks such as chopping and cutting. Modern hand forged tactical tomahawks are also a common tool for hunters and survivalists.

Aside from tools, many Native American words have been used to name cities, towns, and counties. Also, it’s common for sports teams to use Native American names and symbolism as monikers. While many feel this to be derogatory, supporters claim it is done in an effort to pay homage to Native Americans.

Early English settlers learned hunting, farming, and medicinal practices from Native American tribes. This allowed them to not only survive, but thrive during harsh New England winters, which is how we have come to celebrate Thanksgiving.
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