Seasonal weight gain

What do you look for in a racquet and tennis club? Perhaps you’re looking to hone your tennis or squash skills, or maybe you’d like to shed some unwanted seasonal weight gain. Whatever your reason for wanting to work out more, playing tennis or squash on a regular basis can be an excellent way to stay fit and healthy.

However, not all racquet clubs are created equally. Some may just provide the basics of indoor clay tennis courts. Others, though, may have a bit more to offer, such as one-on-one training or luxury spa services. If you’re looking into joining a racquet club, here are some membership services to compare:

Personal training
Fitness isn’t a “one size fits all” goal, as odd as that may seem. By working with a personal trainer, you can find the right fitness routine for your tennis game. Many clubs also have other workout equipment available for general exercises.

Clinics and classes
The goal for most tennis clubs is to help members improve their game. Whether you’re preparing for competition or just looking to have fun, check out the clinics offered to members of the club. Many are led by tennis and squash pros themselves.

Luxury spa services
Many tennis clubs are also equipped with luxury spas that help pamper members. They frequently include services such as massage, steam baths, sauna, and other relaxation techniques. Massages have enormous health benefits, such as reducing stress and preventing injury before, during, or after a tennis match.

Other amenities
Many clubs have services for their guests. These can range from cafes and restaurants to membership perks that allow club members to hold events in appropriate spaces. Be sure to see what else your tennis club can offer you.

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