Magnetic construction set

For parents of young children who are in preschool or elementary school, finding age-appropriate educational toys can seem difficult. Building blocks are perhaps the most common educational toys for kids, followed by items like puzzles or other games. Yet not all building sets are created the same. For instance, some newer sets use magnets that allow kids to stick and stack the pieces when they play.

What are the benefits of letting your children play with magnetic building sets? Here are three things to consider when choosing the right blocks and tiles for your kids.

  • Magnetic building toys are easy to use. Because the magnetic tiles and blocks can stick together, kids won’t see their structures fall over when they build. These kinds of toys also stack together for simple building. Using magnetic toys may be ideal for young children who are still developing their motor skills.
  • Toys that stick and stack don’t make a mess. No parent wants to see their home turn into a war zone of toys everywhere. And anyone who has ever found small plastic blocks and toys with their feet can tell you just how painful those messes can be. Toys with magnetic parts tend to stay together, so they won’t scatter all over the floor or table. That makes playtime — and cleanup — fairly simple.
  • Creative toys for children help kids learn and use their imaginations. Many people often say that children are like sponges, soaking up information at a young age, and this is actually quite true. By age eight, children’s brains have reached about 90% of their adult weight, and they continue to grow until they reach age 18. Being able to learn through play and use their imaginations when building with blocks and tiles can benefit them for years to come. Even about 15 minutes of playtime lets kids use mathematical and spatial concepts as they create. Therefore, unstructured playtime with building sets is ideal for children of all ages.

Do your children play with educational toys that stick and stack? Tell us what they enjoy building in the comments.

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