Alaskan fishing trip

If you plan to take fishing trips to Alaska’s Kenai River, you’re going to need some river fishing techniques. Here’s a few little tips that’ll help.

Learn to Bottom Bounce Your Live Bait. – Bottom bouncing live bait is one of the most effective river fishing techniques you can use. Basically, you bounce live bait off the bottom of the river. There are several types of fishing rigs that’ll help you bottom bounce, so make sure you use the right gear. For example, if you were king salmon fishing, you’re going to want to something that’s sturdy, since those guys put up a big fight. The reason this is one of the best river fishing techniques is because it presents the bait to fish in a more natural way, making them more likely to bite. Just be sure to bounce with the current, not against it.

Find the Weedy Backwaters. – Rivers have certain sweet spots where the good fish go. Since a lot of big game don’t like heavy currents. You’re going to want to try finding the backwaters that break off of the river and eventually reenter downstream. Once you find such a spot, look for weeds, because big fish tend to group together around weeds. If you manage to find a weedy area of the backwaters, you’ll have found one of the best fishing areas around.

Chat With the Locals. – Another great way to find the best fishing spots around is to ask. Just talk to some locals at the bait shop, and see where they think the best fishing is to be done. The weather and the moon can also dramatically affect the actual location of fish in a river, which is why talking to the locals is such a good idea. They’ll have a good feel for where to go on any given day.

If you have any other tips to help people taking Alaskan fishing trips, feel free to share in the comments.

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