Beginner running

In the United States each year, there are more than 570 marathons. Thousands of runners prepare almost year-round for them, and if it is your goal to participate in a marathon, then to just start running can be the hardest part. Here are three tips to get you started so that you can be better prepared for whichever marathon you plan to participate in.

    1. Start running by starting slow.

In some marathons, individuals run for 26.2 miles or more. You can use a running program for beginners to slowly work up to those distances. On average, someone training to run a marathon will ultimately run about 40 miles while preparing.

A beginner running program might consist of running for one minute and walking for two, in a series of ten times on Monday, and walking easily for 30 minutes on Tuesday. Then, you would repeat that sequence over the course of the first week until you have started to build up some endurance. But always make sure to leave a day to rest during the week and give your body time to heal. In later weeks, the distances and amount of time spent running, will increase.

    1. A beginner running program is better when you think about more than just running.

When you run on a regular basis, you can reduce your risk of having a stroke or a heart attack, but you can do more by adopting other healthy habits. There are risks in every sport – think about jet skiing for example. Also, eating healthier, stretching, weight training, or cross training in general is important for you as a runner, and as someone on the path to better fitness. If you only use the same muscles all the time, you do your body a disservice.

    1. To start running, start now.

Too often, we save big lifestyle changes for some later date. Maybe you want to wait until Monday, or you want to wait for work to calm down, but then you will be waiting forever. Start now. Review some running tips for beginners, such as what kinds of shoes to wear, how to warm up and stretch your muscles, proper running form, and go for a brief walk or run. You can always save the official running program for when you have made running a daily habit.

Did you know that in America, only 0.5% of the population has ever ran a marathon? Start running today and follow these three tips so you can get much closer to your goal of completing a marathon. Along the way, you can also enjoy better health.
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