Baseball is fun to watch but hard to play – it’s what makes the game interesting. Spectacular catches and meticulous strategies make the game popular even to this day.

Factors such as the player’s skill, equipment, and even ritualistic gum-chewing all contribute to increasing the chances of winning. There are many techniques in improving a batter’s performance, and one of these is with the use of shaved bats.

Creating shaved bats is not as easy as it sounds.

It requires an expert to create a shaved bat that can effectively help you improve your game. Anything less will cause you to develop movements that are detrimental to your performance.

But should you use shaved bats at all?

Here are three reasons why doctored bats can help you to up your game. But before that, let’s first have a more in-depth look at what shaved bats really are.

What Makes a Good Shaved Bat?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the ball and get it to fly out without exhausting you? This is the reason why shaved bats are created.

Swinging with tremendous power all the time is very exhausting and can cause you to lose your edge as the game progresses. Your body might not be able to cope with the physical stress, preventing you to play at your peak on your next game.

With bat shaving, thinning out the inner walls and removing the end cap can dramatically increase the trampoline-like effect when you hit a ball. Before shaving, baseball bat shaving services would roll the bat first to stretch it and make it seemed rubbery.

Compared to a stock bat, which usually takes 500 or more hits to have a better performance, a rolled bat speeds up the process making it ready for gameday.

The combination of shaved and rolled bat can dramatically batted ball speeds, making the ball harder to catch if not fly out farther.

Nonetheless, you must also be aware of this caveat when using shaved bats. It’s not recommended to use this type of bat in cold temperatures, particularly when it’s colder than 65 degrees outside. It’s best not to go training with a shaved bat during this time.

So without further ado, here are the three ways that a shaved bat can help improve your performance during training sessions:

1. Increased Power with Less Effort

A doctored bat extends the fibers on a bat’s wall, dissolving the adhesive holding the bat together. What you get is a flexible bat that creates a trampoline effect when hitting the ball.

The bat’s flexibility generates more power without having to tire yourself out. With less effort, you hit the ball hard and achieve greater distances, an additional feet of up to 40 feet.

2. Better Endurance During Training

A shaved bat can help you hit harder with less effort, but it doesn’t mean you should half-heartedly swing your bat.

When your bat hits the ball, your body will have to receive the impact, and this is what wears you down faster. When you use a regular bat, it will transfer more force to your body, tiring you out faster. As a result, the length of your training session is cut down significantly.

A shaved bat’s flexibility will return the force generated by the fastball, sending it back to the ball without having your body taking the brunt of the force.

3. Less Downtime After Training

Stretched training sessions can take their toll on your body. You may not feel the exhaustion at first, with all the excitement and eagerness going on. When a session’s over, you’ll start experiencing great fatigue.

While giving your body time to rest can help with recovery, you don’t always have the liberty to this. Worst case scenario is that you might not even be able to perform on game day.

A shaved bat can make training less stressful and more productive. Your body – having undergone a more relaxed training yet long training session – will have recovered completely for the game.

Start Using Shaved Bats for Your Training

Studies have proved shaved bats can cause a baseball to travel an additional 62 feet than when hit with a stock bat. Creating a shaved bat should be left to the experts, though. If you don’t have one yet, start looking for doctored fastpitch softball bats for sale online today.

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