Baseball and softball continue to be one of the most popular sports not only among children but also adults. However, to enjoy any of those aforementioned sports, you ought to have the right equipment. This is why most people are resolving to seeking baseball bat shaving and rolling services. These services are aimed at enhancing your batting constantly within a duration of time. After getting the right bat, as a player you will experience increased grip and performance that ensure you make quality swings and hits.

There are a number of reasons why most softball players prefer to use shaved and rolled softball bats. The doctored bats offer some unique benefits that will enhance your hits leading to enhanced performance. Below are some of the advantages you are set to enjoy through using rolled slowpitch softball bats;


Shaved and rolled softball bats are very efficient and long-lasting. However, to enjoy such durability, you must seek reliable baseball bat shaving services. The service provider you choose should be experienced at doing this task to make sure you have a sturdy and durable bat.

The shaved bat ought not to have any composites on the inside to prevent unnecessary sounds when swinging it. This can be avoided by taking your non-shaved bat to an expert who can alter it through shaving and rolling it to give it optimal performance.

Enhanced Performance

As a softball player, you obviously need to improve your game day in day out. It is very evident you will be yearning to improve on your swings and hits. This can be easily be achieved through shaving your softball bat. In doing so, you will end up with a thin-walled bat that is very flexible to improve your hits.

Hitting the softball with a shaved and rolled bat allows the ball to travel faster and farther unlike using a non-shaved bat. However, this will only happen if the softball bat has not only been shaved but also rolled well. In that connection, you have no otherwise but to capitalize on reliable bat shaving services.

Increased Speed

A shaved softball bat provides an additional speed of about 10 miles per hour to the initial speed. Nevertheless, this speed is also contributed by your swing speed, strength, and size. You then rely on the shaved softball bat to focus on your swings, control your balance and weight.

Greater Distance

Every baseball player yearns to drive the ball faster and farther. Unfortunately, achieving this great feat is not a walk in the park. There are a number of factors that ought to be put into consideration. One of the most fundamental requirements is hitting the ball using shaved and rolled softball bats. These bats have less weight than ordinary bats, thus improving your swing and hitting distance by about 50 feet.


To enjoy your baseball or softball, you need to use the correct bat. This calls for taking advantage of the shaved and rolled softball bats that have reduced weight to allow you to hit the ball faster and farther. However, shaved bats are not efficient in cold temperatures. Therefore, you should not use a shaved bat in colder conditions below 65 degrees. This means you need to seek appropriate bat shaving and rolling services to get your swings and hits up.

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