Where to buy tomahawks

It seems that our society has always had a strange fascination, fixation, and repulsion of zombies, also known as the undead. Between their decaying flesh, their snapping and snarling jaws, and their endless thirst for human — and in some cases even animal — flesh, zombies have truly captured the hearts and imaginations of fans the world over. However, perhaps we love them a bit too much.

Some fans are taking their love — or fear — of zombies to a whole new level by preparing for what’s known as the zombie apocalypse. According to several different zombie universe story lines, the zombie apocalypse is considered the end of the world or the end of mankind and civilization as we know it. There is no government, no working hospitals, no laws or anyone to enforce them, and no grocery stores. There is no order, only complete chaos followed by zombies roaming the earth and survivors who will do anything to live another day, even if that means stealing from or harming others.

Some self-proclaimed doomsday preppers believe the zombie apocalypse could happen any day now and have begun preparations. Aside from creating underground bunkers and stocking up on nonperishable food and water, doomsday preppers are also stocking up on weapons and tools. What if there was a multipurpose tool that could be used for a variety of tasks but that could also double as a deadly self-defense weapon? Enter the tactical tomahawk axe.

Tomahawk axes were first created and used by the native peoples of North America. After discovering their versatility, European colonists also began crafting and using tomahawks for a variety of purposes. While the Native Americans used fighting tomahawks during combat, tomahawks were also used for many different bushcraft tasks such as chopping, digging, cutting, and skinning hides.

Fast forward to today, and modern tomahawks are also used by military personnel and law enforcement officers for building entry, vehicle rescue, glass breaking, and many other tasks. However, zombie apocalypse enthusiasts also feel tactical tomahawks would be the ideal survival tool, especially for close quarters. They’re lightweight, durable, and most importantly silent. Across several zombie universes, the undead seem to drawn to sound, meaning firearms should only be used in emergency situations. Therefore, handheld weapons are ideal for disposing of foe.

Sure, the zombie apocalypse may or may not ever happen, however, the versatility and functionality of tactical tomahawks is undeniable.

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