Grand canyon river rafting

For about 28% of Americans, whitewater rafting trips are either part of their lives already or something they’d like very much to do. It’s a totally unique outdoor experience for adventurers from 8 to eighty.

River raft trips are a memorable bonding experience for couples, families, alumni and other groups, for corporate team building – the possibilities are limitless. You’ll step away from the modern world and all its pressures…get to know others and yourself a little better.

Imagine white water rafting in the Grand Canyon, awed by its geographical majesty that dates back literally millions of years. Beyond the thrilling adventure of the Colorado River rafting experience itself, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to pursue any special interests such as wildlife, geology, ecology, photography and history.

Along with all that fresh air, Grand Canyon raft trips will give you a workout! If you weigh 155 pounds, rafting will burn about 352 calories, and the average 180-pound person will lose 409.

Most of us – 77% – make some form of outdoor recreation a regular part of our lives. And river rafting trips are growing in popularity. In 2012, some 12.47 million of us were kayaking, and that was an increase from 11.8 million the year before. And certainly the Colorado River rafting challenge is one that many would love to experience.

Spectacular though it is, the Grand Canyon isn’t the world’s largest or deepest. The average depth is about a mile, and it runs only 277 miles.

But you have to go and take one of the many guided rafting trips available. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see and enjoy this natural phenomenon from a completely different perspective.

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