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There are plenty of options to consider when deciding what wood to use for your boat dock. You have to consider cost, maintenance, and durability to find the perfect choice. Here are 4 options to help you get started.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Pressure-treated pine is the cheapest to start with. It can last for 20+ years, but will require yearly maintenance. This involves applying water sealer to prevent mildew, mold, water-borne insects, and rot.

Cedar Wood

This is commonly sold as an upgrade to pine, but it still requires a yearly application of water sealer.

Composite Deck

Composite materials have often been sold as maintenance-free, but this is not really the case. Some hold up much better than others, but all will require maintenance to avoid rotting away.

South American Woods

South American woods are the most expensive, but also the highest quality. They are sustainably harvested and are naturally immune to rot, mold, milder, and insects. They can last over 75 years. Though a large investment upfront, these pay off in the long run.

There are plenty of other options, so make sure to do your research. Check with your local dock building supplies company to see what they can offer.


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