Recent data has shown that golf as a pastime has risen by more than 2% over the last two years. Because of the inherent distance between players on the golf course, golf offers the ability to enjoy the company of others while maintaining a safe and enjoyable distance. If, like millions of other people, you have developed an interest in golf, you may be considering golf memberships at local country clubs. Here’s what you should know.

Country clubs – and similar establishments – often offer many benefits beyond a course with exclusive tee-times for those with golf memberships. There are usually other facilities that are members-only, such as pools, saunas, tennis courts, and even restaurants.

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If you’re considering a membership to one of these clubs, make sure you select one that offers benefits you plan to take advantage of.

Golf memberships sometimes come with access to special greens, exclusive golf carts, and even members-only merchandise. If you’re an avid golfer, investigate which club will give you the best benefits. Moreover, for those who are newer to golfing, people with golf memberships often have access to a members-only on-site golf pro. If your game could use improvement, choose a membership that allows you to schedule lessons.

The bottom line when it comes to golf memberships is to make sure you do your research before choosing your club. There are a lot of benefits to having a membership, but you want to make sure you’re joining a club that aligns with your lifestyle and golfing needs. If you don’t find a club you like right away, don’t give up. The right greens are out there for you somewhere!


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