If there is one benefit that has come from the strangeness of these last eight months it is that you and your husband have finally had the time to organize some things in the basement and finally prepare to finish that space. With the options for travel eliminated, you have found yourself sorting through old school papers from your two daughters and boxes of old pictures and home movies. With the extra time at home, your husband first began the process of uploading the older videos to a cloud storage space where all four of you could access these timeless treasures. The most popular find of all the videos has undoubtedly been the Family Thanksgiving Skit of 2002.

At a time when your older daughter was in all day kindergarten she became obsesses with coming home and shoeing her parents and her not quite two year old sister everything she had learned. A full class room full of parts were divided among your older daughter, your husband, and you. your younger daughter, as you realize looking back at this video close to 20 years later, provided comic relief. Alternating between looking lovingly at her parents and older sister as you all donned ridiculous accessories for the skit and later adding her own unrecognizable comments to the performance, your younger daughter really stole the show with her clapping at the end.

Posting the family video on social media was a major hit and more than a few of your family and friends have commented that the skit correctly portrayed the current personalities of your two daughters. Your older daughter was in charge of the script and the costumes, which is fitting for her first born characteristics. Your younger daughter goes along with the plan his best when he was showing his granddaughters the sport that he loved.

Family Fishing Trips Are a Great Way to Spend Time During the Pandemic
Blessed with nothing but daughters and granddaughters, your father spend countless hours sharing his secrets to using his prized fly rod reels. Today, those memories, now digitally preserved in a place where they are easy to access, have helped you through some of the loneliest of times as you wait for the day when you can safely gather again. With your husband still required to go into the office, you still teaching, one daughter on a college campus and the other a nurse, the risk of getting together with your father is too dangerous. For now the videos will have to provide the sense of family on a time when you cannot gather in person.

Fly rod reels and family Thanksgiving skits are an important part of the year 2020, but you long for the time when you can again watch your daughters with their grandfather and his fly rod reels in real time.

It should come as no surprise, however, that fishing has always been the kind of activity that makes for the best kind of memories. And if you think that fishing is just for the older crowd, it might interest you to know that more than 60% of recreational fishing participants were under 45 in the year 2017. And three years later when it seems like the whole world has been turned upside down, it is important to note that fly rod reels, grandparents, and Thaksiving skits will be more important than ever before.

In that same year of 2017, the largest share of fishing participants went on four to eleven trips, but a small percentage went on fishing outings more than 104 times a year. In a time when more and more people are looking for safe ways to socially distance, it is increasingly likely that fishing and other kinds of outdoor sports are going to be even more popular. When was the last time you were able to gather with your family and friends. Finding the the right time and the place is not as easy as it once was, but it is still important to make sure that you do whatever is possible to create new memories, even though they may be very different from the past.

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