Has the Pandemic Changed the Kind of Vacations Your Family Now Takes?

Finding the perfect vacation has been more challenging the last seven months.
Two week long stays at popular Caribbean resorts are out of the question. Fall break trips to crowded amusement parks are as well. As just two of the examples of the kind of vacations that people have had cancelled, it should come as no surprise that there are more and more families searching for available options. Fortunately, there are still many outdoor experiences that are viable options for individuals, couples, groups of friends, and entire families. One example of a way to vacation safely during the pandemic is to explore the great outdoors in locations that are uncrowded like the lakes and rivers of the nation that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Fly fishing rods are not always on the packing list for many families, but there is no denying that this kind of outdoor adventure will not only provide safety, but also show many of us parts of this great nation that we may not have experienced befo

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