Athletic uniforms

Sports have evolved over time. While often the core of the game will remain the same, advents in technology have allowed for the increased design of safety equipment and uniforms for athletes, to make them both safe and recognizable.

The early beginnings of sports go back centuries. Lacrosse, for instance, may have originated as early as 1100 AD. It was well established in Canada by the 17th century. The first official baseball game was played in 1846. Today, baseball has spread worldwide. More than 100 countries are a part of the International Baseball Federation.

Athletic uniforms have changed over time. The Cleveland Indians were the first team in baseball to wear numbered uniforms in 1916, 70 years after the first official baseball game was played. Even equipment has changed. In 1986, the color of tennis balls at Wimbledon was changed to yellow to allow spectators to see the ball better while in play.

Sports apparel is now a statement for many fans. Wearing your favorite team’s jersey or your favorite player’s is a statement of who you are rooting for or who you have a strong connection with. Mega stars like LeBron James in basketball or the recently retired Peyton Manning in football command millions of dollars in jersey sales.

Uniforms then, for athletes, become representations of team and community and player. Within basketball team uniforms, a LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers jersey becomes synonymous with the Cavaliers, Lebron James, and Cleveland. That jersey can have special significance after a championship or a strong performance over time.

Football team uniforms can have a similar effect, as can soccer team uniforms, baseball team uniforms, and lacrosse team uniforms. Each jersey has a logo and each jersey has a number, and that allows fans to identify stronger with a particular team or player. One of the key aspects to making a jersey attractive is to come up with right logo and color scheme. Sports apparel organizations now design custom jerseys for players.

Custom team uniforms can be beneficial because they add an aspect of individuality to a program. They are often designed according to the latest “wow” factor, as has been seen with the Oregon Ducks and Tennessee Volunteers in college football. The addition of a jersey that makes the game in question feel special can lead to added motivation.

It is possible to order custom team uniforms for all ages of sports, whether they are youth or college level. Lacrosse team uniforms, for instance, are not just for game day; there are custom practice lacrosse team uniforms, which may allow for options regarding color scheme and whether they can be reversible or not.

Custom team apparel can be a strong boost for the players on a team and a financial boost for the team itself. Uniforms can represent an emotional connection for fans and give them a stronger loyalty to a team.

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