Soon, We Can Make Sniper Rifles Cheaply at Home

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The 2012 spate of mass shootings has meant that Congress is in the mood to further restrict gun sales. Sniper rifles are especially suspect, given the lethality of the weapon. As a result, many have experimented making sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply in their own home. It may seem a bit like a stretch to make sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply, but there are innovators in the gun space. All it requires is for the firearms industry to be willing to experiment more.

To understand how one can make sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply, one needs to understand about sniper rifles. A relatively small and portable weapon, sniper rifles are often optimized for very long ranges. Often, these sniper rifles can shoot within less than 10cm of accuracy at 800m or more. These sniper rifles are typically fitted with telescopic sights to aid the shooter when aiming at such a long distance.

How can one make sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply? One does not have to wait for airsoft snipers for sale cheap anymore. In fact, gun sales may not happen. Instead, many can make sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply through a 3D printer. A 3D printer constructs objects from the ground up using injectable plastic, and molding the plastic into any shape. Currently, a 3D printer costs 1,000 USD, but has already dropped dramatically in price. Gun parts for powerful airsoft snipers can be made for just a few dollars a piece.

The trick to making sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply is labor. Many are expert gunsmiths, and many are computer engineers that can use 3D printers. Few can do both. In fact, only about a dozen gunsmiths thus far have attempted weapons manufacture. As 3D printers become more ubiquitous, though, and more learn to use them, it will be possible to make sniper rifle airsoft guns cheaply, as well as other guns. The days of waiting for a cheap airsoft gun for sale are almost over.

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