Led underwater dock lights

Having a dock or a waterfront means an opportunity for you to explore and reel in a wider variety of fish. You only need the right tool and the rest is up to your fishing gear to do the job. With marine dock lights, you are able to create a point of attraction and entice aquatic wildlife to your dock. It has been proven that marine animals respond to light in their environment and each species has a distinct way of reacting to light. However, light intensity, wavelength, and photoperiod are the main elements that dictate the behavior and physiology of fish, making lighting a vital component for aquaculturists.

Underwater marine lights have really transformed nighttime fishing and with the new generation of lights, they are even more reliable and efficient. So before investing in lighting for your dock, it’s important to know some of the common concerns by dock owners and how they have been addressed.

Functionality of Underwater Dock Lights
As with other marine lights, dock light operates on a light-emitting diode technology to illuminate the area around your dock. The light then radiates off marine organisms that serve as baits for smaller fish. When smaller marine life ascends to feed on these baits, they attract larger fish which also ascend towards the direction of the light. By shedding light on baits, you essentially trigger some sort of food chain, allowing you to come close with a host of marine life.

Why do light attract fish?
The science behind light attracting fish can be likened to how light bulbs attract moth and flies. When looking for underwater marine lights, ensure you choose those with light colors such as blue, green and white, as they have been proven to offer best results in attracting marine life. Also, the photoreceptors cells on fish eyes are believed to be optimized for green and blue light, hence the attraction.

Which is an ideal place for
If you own a waterfront or a dock, those would be the perfect place to have underwater led dock lights. Ensure the water surrounding the dock is significantly deep because shallow water lacks the variety of marine life you need to attract fish.

Effectiveness of marine lights
On average, good underwater led lights can last over 100,000 hours, giving a durability of about 34 years if you are using the lights between 6 to 8 hours a night. Proper maintenance gives you an opportunity to use them for long period without having to install new ones. In case of failure, you can easily replace the bulbs and use them over again.

There is no better way to amplify your dock and waterfront property than having underwater marine lights. They not only attract aquatic life to your literal doorstep, but also make your dock look cooler than ever. This is something other dock owners will envy.

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