Soccer camps seattle

Did you know that throughout the world, about 35 million children play soccer? Many of them are serious about the sport and participate in youth soccer leagues and on school teams, while others are more concerned about having fun at a summer soccer camp.

Each of these outlets teach children how to learn soccer moves that will benefit them in a game situations, and also help them compete in youth soccer tournaments.

While soccer camps, leagues, and tournaments can be thrilling, there are also several dangers that come with playing this sport.

Here are a few of the most common injuries players face.

  • Concussions. Head injuries are increasingly becoming a major concern in professional soccer, as more players are falling to the ground, and hitting their head or neck on the grass. This could be the result of a collision with another player, or simply tripping over another player’s foot. The 2014 World Cup has already seen several players colliding with one another as they go to head a ball. This is a scary situation for children as well, and could have far more damaging consequences.
  • Ankle and Foot Sprains. Soccer players run at least seven or eight miles during any match, and while this makes their lower extremities stronger, it also makes them vulnerable to sprains and strains. Stretching a foot out to tap a ball, or over-extending a calf muscle can be extremely painful. In some cases, a simple strain may end up being an anterior cruciate ligament tear.
  • Wrist Fractures. Soccer players are constantly falling to the ground trying to kick a ball away from a defender. Many of them try to break their fall by using their hands, but the impact can be so severe that they end up breaking or fracturing bones in their wrist.

So, as coaches teach players how to learn soccer moves, they should also make them aware of some of the dangers of the sport. This will likely give children the best chance at avoiding injury, while also playing their hearts out. Find out more here.

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