Summer will be turning up in just a few months. How will you make sure you’re getting the most out of the long, hot days?

Even those with a passing interest in motorcycling have a lot to look forward to when they visit their local ATV dealer. When visiting your usual campsite doesn’t offer quite the same thrill, dirt biking can lend a sense of adventure to your off-time. Motorcycling is one of today’s most beloved hobbies, right up there with boating and snowmobiling, and can be a part of your life once you get a hang of the basics. What do those entail? It’s time to find out.

Here are five useful things to know about motorcycling, boating, and snowmobiling in the United States.

The Popularity Of Boating

Let’s start off with arguably the most popular family activity. Boating culture is thriving in the United States, due in no small part to more Americans taking their vacation time more seriously. Recent statistics have found over 85 million American adults actively participate in recreational boating of some sort, whether it’s taking a boat to the camping trip or enjoying a few hours of idle fishing on the weekends. Back in 2016 the total number of revenue from recreational boats alone was sitting at $3 billion. The right boat for you depends on how often you use it, its normal amount of passengers, and your favorite activities.

Motorcycling Culture And Trends

For those that want something more intensive, motorcycling can fill in the gap easily. Not only are these useful for basic travel, they can add some much-needed excitement to your usual weekend routine. The most popular states for motorcycles, according to a recent survey, are Florida, New York, and California. Ohio and Pennsylvania follow close behind.By the time 2018 came around Polaris made up 33% of the ATV market share, with Honda at a close second with 30%.

Snowmobiling’s Persistent Appeal

Motorcycling might not quite give you what you’re looking for if you prefer colder environments. There are over one million registered snowmobiles in the United States, with over 600,000 registered in Canada, and this number is expected to hold steady for some time yet. Snowmobiling’s impact on the economy hits $25 billion every year in the United States, to boot, and this should tell you something about what to expect when shopping for one of your own. Whether you want snowmobile equipment or motorcycling accessories, safety should always be at the top of the list.

General Safety Tips

Biking and boating can be dangerous. Staying safe is a matter of being honest about your equipment’s limitations and always gearing up before driving. Make sure to purchase a snug helmet, as one that’s too tight or too loose will do little to help you in a crash. It’s also recommended you sit down with a professional if this is your first time boating or motorcycling. They can help you get used to the basics so you’re not worrying when you should be enjoying yourself.

Purchasing The Best For Your Lifestyle

When it comes down to it…it’s all about your lifestyle and what you hope to add to it. Are you someone eager for more adventure, but still want to be practical about it? Have you been looking for some relaxing vacation ideas for the rest of the family? Your local dealer can walk you through each boat, snowmobile, and motorcycle individually, all to get you to those memories you’ve been craving. Your purchase is more than just a way to shave off the spare hours.

It’s a lifestyle.

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