Compression wear has been around for some time. Yet, the jury is still out on whether it truly provides benefits or not to the wearer. Some people will absolutely swear by compression clothing while others say that it has no effect or has caused them muscle cramping. Even among fitness professionals, who participate in various fitness events promoted by sites such as, there is no consensus on the issue of compression clothing. In this video, you will learn more about compression wear.

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Studies surrounding compression wear have been mixed. Some studies corroborate the idea that compression wear benefits the wearer. Other studies say that it makes no difference. The whole idea behind compression where is that it puts pressure on certain parts of the body to encourage blood flow back to the heart where the blood can be recycled quicker. This means that the body should be less prone to injury if this were the case. Another potential benefit is that compression wear inhibits certain movement that may cause injury. It also helps absorb the shock of running on hard pavement. Even if these benefits are minimal, many people still feel good about wearing compression wear. This phycological benefit may be enough to warrant wearing compression clothing for some. The physical benefits still remain to be proven.


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