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Baseball is far more than a sport to Americans, and its legacy speaks to the rich cultural heritage of what it means to be an American. This is especially true in Rust Belt cities such as Cincinnati, where played in an integral role in America’s industrial revolution. In these areas, baseball was much more than American’s favorite pastime; it was a way of life and a source of community pride.

Fast forward to today, and Americans are no less proud of their local teams. Whether its Cincinnati fans rocking their custom Reds Jerseys, New York fans decked out in custom Yankees Jersey and gear, or any other kind of baseball aficionado, Americans are proud to wear gear to show love for their home team. And Cincinnati fans are especially proud to wear custom Reds Jerseys.

Custom Reds jerseys are more than just a shirt, and they hold a great deal of sentimental value for to their fans. But like any other article of clothing, custom Reds jerseys can dull over time and may become worn. Age is sure to add character and a timeless vintage vibe to any custom baseball jersey, but some fans prefer to call an “out” on their old custom Reds jerseys.

So what’s a fan to do? There are several ways to repurpose old custom Reds jerseys. Here’s how to keep them in the game:


Nothing says cool like a patch on your favorite denim, leather, or bomber jacket. Patches can also be sewn onto backpacks, jeans, and even t-shirts! Even if you don’t have Suzy-homemaker sewing skills, patches are a super easy and trendy way to repurpose and old sports jersey.

Go for tote

Tote bags are literally everything. You can bring them to the beach, the gym, the grocery store, or anywhere else you need to schlep your stuff around. You can breathe new life into an old custom sports jersey by stitching the bottom of it closed while its inside out, cutting off the top just below arms, and sewing on a handle to create a custom tote for game day.

Bold blankets

If you really want to knock it out of the park and your sewing skills are up to snuff, you can collect a pile of old jerseys and use them to create a patchwork quilt or fan blanket. Nothing says dedication like a baseball fan braving the cold to watch the game, and a blanket made from old jerseys is a great way to express this dedication while staying warm. If you don’t have enough jerseys to make an entire blanket, consider making pillow cases!
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