If you’re playing at a high level, you need equipment that works at a high level. Football glove grip spray ensures that your gloves keep gripping even after a few games. Many sticky football gloves can lose that grip after awhile, but with football glove grip spray, you can keep the grip at the level you need to play well. The spray can also help you save money — many players think they simply need to go out and get another pair of gloves that have better grip, which can be expensive. With the football glove grip spray, you need an application of the spray, and your gloves should be back to the level you want them at. We’ll talk why football gloves are helpful in the first place and where to find football glove grip spray.

Football: America’s Sport
Almost 19 million people tune into weekly football games during football season and even people who don’t really watch football often wind up hosting a Super Bowl party. It starts young too — millions of kids play football in junior leagues or high school. In 2017, there were over five million participants over the age of six who played tackle football and just over a million kids who played high school football in 2016-2017.

Football can bring families together — or spark some friendly rivalry if someone roots for a different team — and everyone enjoys the Super Bowl ads. Sunday Night Football remains one of the highest rated TV shows as well, despite the numerous options available to viewers now.

And football is a profitable industry. As a small example, Wilson Sporting Goods supplies the NFL with around 25,000 official game balls (that have to be either inflated or deflated to 13.0 PSI before every game) every season. That averages out to about 780 footballs per team.

Do Football Gloves Really Help?

They can definitely give a wide receiver a certain edge on the competition, which why you see so many wide receivers in football wearing them. For one thing, they’re often tacky, which lets the receiver have a better grip on the ball. The gloves contour nicely against the football, reducing the chances of dropping it.

Furthermore, the gloves can wick away sweat, rain, snow, or other outside factors that could make hands and the ball slippery. And we all know how tough it can be to move our fingers when they’re cold — though the receiving gloves aren’t going to keep your hands as toasty as winter gloves, say, they’ll provide some protection from the elements and give you better mobility.

Many receiver gloves also offer padding and ones meant for linemen and other players are often thicker, providing more protection. In any case, padding and another barrier between you and the field, ball, and other players can also keep your hands in better shape. Football is a physical game and though gloves certainly can’t get rid of injuries entirely, they can help minimize some, which is always a plus.

Where Can I Find Football Glove Grip Spray?

If you can’t find it in a sports store or can’t order it through your team, consider checking online. There are a number of online retailers that supply it and you can shop around, looking for the best price and quality. Reviews are often a bonus of shopping online and you can see how other people have rated it before purchasing.

After all, you want grip spray that will be long-lasting and effective, so make sure you do a little research before making a final decision. Older and more experienced players may also have recommendations for their favorite spray as well.

Improving your game could be as easy as getting the right kind of football gloves and finding a grip spray that works for you. Practice makes perfect, but so does the right equipment!

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