Fishing trips to alaska

If you call yourself a fisher, then you’re going to want to go king salmon fishing in Alaska before you die. The majestic landscape, the rigorous challenge, and the massive prize are a dream come true.

Before you decide to take this challenge, there are a few things you should know about king salmon fishing.


Before you go king salmon fishing, you’re going to need to get the right tackle. Because of their massive size, you need to use medium to heavy salmon rods, sturdy spinning reels, and 30-pound monofilament lines to land these fish in Alaska need.


Both bait and lures work well when king salmon fishing, but your choice will depend on when you go. In the beginning of the season, you’re going to want to bring flashy flies with you on your Alaskan fishing trips. Towards the end, though, kings become less aggressive, and will only bite at live offerings, like herring.


As most any experience angler will know, the time of day you go fishing will also have an impact on whether or not you catch anything. The best time to go king salmon fishing is a couple hours prior to and after a tidal change. Interestingly, some experts recommend using flies on low ties, and bait or lures with you on high tides.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that you’re going to want to sharpen your hooks. King salmons have incredibly thick jaws, so dull hooks stand little to no chance of catching them. Of course you could also buy new hooks, which might be a good idea, but be sure that they’re as sharp as possible, otherwise, you may wind up losing the catch of a lifetime.

King salmon are big game, so you’re going to want to bring your best. If you have any questions about catching king salmon, feel free to share in the comments. Great references here.

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