Dock box

Last summer, Little Big Town’s smash hit “Pontoon,” which reached the top spot on the Billboard list of Hot Country Songs, celebrated spending an afternoon in the sun relaxing and partying on a boat. Though the jam just came out last April, people have been going out on the water and partying the day away with friends for decades. But despite the fact that party-goers have been doing so for such a long time, its not uncommon to be out on the water and realize you need something that you simply don’t have. One of the best ways to avoid that problem, if you have a dock, is to store all of the party essentials in a durable fiberglass dock box.


Some boats come equipped with stereos and big speakers that can boom out everything from “Pontoon” to classic Steve Winwood hits which, according Dennis Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, are perfect for boating. But, if you have an older boat that doesn’t have a sound system already installed, then you might want to keep a stereo with CDs or an iPod connection in your dock box. Music brings life to every party, and keeping it stored near your boat helps make sure you always have it.


Although you probably won’t want to store food or drinks other than bottled water on your dock, keeping a cooler there can be a good idea. Bringing in ice, sandwiches, chips, and all the ingredients for refreshing cocktails from the store to the boat in a dock cart will work, but they will go bad if you can’t keep them cold, which is an inevitability without a cooler. So keeping on right at your boat is always a good idea.

Games and Toys

Even if you just plan on floating around and have no desire to go skiing or tubing, having something to do other than just sit around is always a good idea. Since boats have limited storage, you might want to keep items like footballs, floating tubes, and even playing cards or other games in a dock box to take out when you want an afternoon of fun. Drinking, singing, and dancing might be the main emphasis of boat parties, but having some other alternatives is always smart.

Safety Items

Of course, no matter how wild you want your party to be, you will have to make sure that everyone is safe, especially if you go beyond swimming distance from shore. Storing life jackets, extra ropes, and even cutting tools in a dock box on your permanent or floating dock can be a wise decision. Doing so helps make sure that your party will end without an accident.

There are a number of other items that can be added to your dock to help make sure you have the most fun possible every time you hit the water. In addition to storage boxes, you might want a power pedestal to help keep electronics charged and a dock ladder for when you want to take a dip before heading out. Investing in the right items can help make sure you get the most out of owning a boat.

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