Taking A Look At The Consistent Popularity Of Sports All Throughout The United States

Here in the United States and all throughout the world, sports have long been hugely popular throughout just about every single demographic you could think of. From football to soccer to basketball to tennis and beyond, sports of all kinds have long been important for many people in this one country and in the world beyond it as well. For many people, sports are more than just a hobby, but a passion, and this is something that can clearly be seen in the data gathered surrounding the subject.

For instance, football is the most popularly and frequently viewed sport here in the United States, with a full 37% of the total population of this one country alone claiming to watch football on a regular basis. Of course, football isn’t the only much loved sport, and soccer, basketball, hockey, and baseball also make the top five. These sports are played in schools and watched by spectators all around the country, as well as sports that don’t make the top five but still fall into the top ten

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