Working Out Can Pay Dividends Into the Future

Pushing out of your comfort zone can have such amazing results! You just have to be brave enough to face your struggles.
This is the amazing feeling you need to remember. The “after run” euphoria. The tingles that are racing around every part of your body, the exhilaration of completing what you set out to do. Ever fiber of your being is feeling alive and happy and strong. You could have given in the agony of miles three through five where you felt defeated and wanted to quit and you could have only focused on how slow you were running and how much your lungs were aching. Instead, you pushed through and now you have a much better feeling to take you through the rest of the day.
You are hoping that your dedication to staying in shape now that you are no longer an athlete competing on a team will have a positive influence on your three children. Yours has long been baseball and softball family, but lately tow of the young athletes in your home have shown particular interest in ma

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