American adults love the water. Sports such as swimming, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and more are all centered around pools and lakes, and fishing stands as a classic, relaxing pastime. On the right boat, a small group can even have a proper party on board, with a picnic, drinks, lights, and of course, the sights and sounds of an open lake. Getting onto the water means buying the right vehicle for the job, and interested buyers have a number of options laid out before them. Pontoon boats, in particular, are useful for parties and fishing, since they are wider than speed boats. Used pontoons can be a great deal for customers on a budget, and used boats in general can save money as long as the customer knows what to look for, since a used boat has gone through some vigors with its old owner. Searching for such boats by area or brand are two ways to find one, such as “Barletta Pontoons for sale” or “used pontoons MN” for Minnesota buyers.

Popularity of Boats

Plenty of Americans are enthusiasts for boating, and the industry is going strong. In the year 2016, for example, 981,600 used boats, such as used pontoons, were sold in the United States, and the total sales came out to $9.2 billion. In that same year, around 141.6 million Americans went boating, nearly half the population. Some may have gone boating on their own vehicles, or else rented them (another popular option) or rode on board a friend’s boat. For boat ownership, the total number of registered boats in the United States came out to 11.9 million in 2016, and more and more younger buyers are looking for boats to buy, as well. Sales grew quite a bit up until then; from 2015 to 2016, sales for recreational marine activity grew a whole 3.5%, and at the end of 2016, total sales reached a sum of $36 billion. With all this interest in boating, what can a person do to find the right used pontoons or speed boats for recreational use?

Marine Pontoons for Sale and More

Before any purchase is made, a buyer may consider what he or she intends to do on the water, and how much company to keep. A wakeboard enthusiast will probably look for a speed boat, especially one that is designed to make bigger wakes for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Someone interested in speed may also get a jet ski, but on the other hand, customers looking for a place to fish, hold a party, or just tour local sights and sounds at leisure will probably search for new or used pontoons at a local dealer. Some states will have a lot of dealers since they have ample ocean and lake shoreline, from Minnesota to Florida to California. Residents of these states may have an easier time finding a large retailer, although most states have at least a few lakes.

Someone looking for a new boat will probably spend a lot more than a used pontoon customer, but there are advantages to this. A new boat will come with a warranty should there be a defect in its construction, and new boats will be stylish, have no wear or tear, and may have the latest features and standards of both safety and power, making them top of the line. Such a boat may be beyond some customers’ buying power, so instead used pontoons are the route to take. Here, a customer will look over the boat in person and consult the previous owner about its condition, features, and how it has been used, to get a total history of that vehicle. A personal inspection will search for problems such as worn out carpet, cracks or holes in the hull, chipped paint, barnacles or mussels (dead or alive), a damaged engine or anything else. The interested buyer should take the boat for a test run, to make sure that it handles well and that the engine has no problems starting or running. No smoke or odd noises or vibrations should occur, or the engine may have to be replaced. Some repair can be done; a new coat of paint can be applied, and even boat carpet can be torn up and replaced.

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