Basketball christmas ornaments

The regular school basketball season is soon to begin. Add that to the fast-approaching holiday, and it’s the perfect time to come up with some basketball gift ideas for the b-ball fans in your life. Here are some suggestions of basketball gifts appropriate for every type of basketball player and fan:

  1. Babies

    If babies and basketball players have anything in common, it’s that they both dribble! A basketball themed bib is the perfect way to introduce the youngest member of a family to your favorite sport.

  2. Elementary School

    Elementary-aged kids are often in the stage where they first enjoy picking out clothes and developing a personal style. So a warm knit cap with a basketball theme, or any number of customizable shirts and sweatshirts, can give them a way to incorporate their favorite sport into their wardrobe options.

  3. Middle School

    There’s probably nothing your middle schooler loves more than his or her cell phone — except for basketball, maybe. Smartphone cases customized with a team name and player number can help to combine those interests.

  4. High School

    As basketball players move into high school, they’re normally getting more serious about technique, practicing more than ever. Practical items with a fun twist — basketball socks, basketball headbands, basketball water bottles, etc. — can let them incorporate a little more personality into their training and time on the court.

  5. Parents

    Probably nothing brings you more joy than watching your children play the game they love. Moms can keep their kids close all the time with photo personalized basketball keychains, and dads can do the same with customized lapel pins.

  6. Coaches

    Coaches put a lot of time into coaching their teams, and it’s always worth putting some thought into gifts for a coach. For younger community leagues outside of school, this coaching time is even often volunteered. Show your gratitude with a personalized coffee mug or travel mug. Other sentimental gifts might include engraved photo frames to hold team pictures or a personalized collectible ball for a den or office display.

  7. Families

    If you’re looking for a small gift suitable for every member of the family, basketball ornaments for the Christmas tree — each personalized with a name and date — are a perfect, affordable option.

What other themed basketball gifts or other sports gifts might a b-ball fanatic enjoy? Share your ideas in the comments!

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