Many people love playing the game of golf. That being said, it’s tougher for many to leave their homes as they age. In other cases, seniors can play golf but can’t regularly drive themselves to the course. Regardless of the situation, home golf simulators can be great for able bodied seniors who are unable to leave their homes. In this post, you’ll find out the benefits of home golf simulators for senior citizens.

  • Not Having to Walk Long Distances

    Statistics show that the average golf course spans across 125-150 miles of land. Considering this amount of distance, walking the length of a golf course can be tiring for anyone. That being said, senior citizens can tire out faster than younger adults. However, golf simulators require no walking long distances. You’ll only need to swing your golf club in order to use one of these simulators.
  • Being Able to Swing a Club

    There are many seniors who, for one reason or another, are unable to get out of the house. However, many of these seniors still have plenty of energy to spare. Considering that, golf simulators are perfect for seniors who love golf and want to avoid boredom. While video games are good for some, it’s not an accurate representation of actually playing golf. This is where simulators truly outshine any golf video game. These devices involve the player swinging their real clubs. After this, a simulation plays out on a screen in front of the player. This screen simulates where the ball would end up landing while playing actual golf.
  • Great Way for Seniors to Stay Active

    It’s important that adults regularly exercise. In fact, statistics show that less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Unfortunately, it can be tough for seniors to exercise while unable to leave their homes. Considering that, a golf simulator for home use is a great way for seniors to take part in a physical activity.
  • Provides Excellent Practice

    In certain situations, a senior might not always have to stay in the house. However, it’s understandable that a senior wouldn’t want to lose their golfing skills while at home. Statistics gathered from an Arccos study found that the average driving distance in 2017 was 220 yards. Considering that number, it’s important to receive practice in order to drive a ball for long distances.

In conclusion, golf simulators can be extremely beneficial for senior citizens. Of course, it’s important that a senior citizen checks with a medical professional before using a golf simulator. These devices are known for being safe. However, it’s important to find out from a medical professional if your body is able to handle this activity. If so, golf simulators work well for allowing seniors to sharpen their golf skills.

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