Best tomahawks

Let’s start from the beginning. A tomahawk is a specific kind of axe that originated in North America. Similar to a hatchet in design with a long shaft and sharp blade, tomahawk axes are of Native American origin and were later used by European colonists.

Though most people are familiar with fighting tomahawks used in close hand-to-hand combat, modern tomahawks are regarded as versatile, multi-functional tools that serve a number of different purposes aside from combat. Read on to find why you should buy hand forged tactical tomahawks and how they can help you.

The great outdoors

Many avid outdoorsmen and subsistence hunters carry modern tomahawks as part of their arsenal of tools. They can be used for a variety of tasks when setting up a camp, such as splitting firewood, hammering, chopping, digging, and cutting rope. Many survivalists rely on them to help set up their camps, as well as perform other tasks associated with weathering the elements.

Search and rescue

Because of their versatility, modern tomahawks have become a staple amongst law enforcement officers and military personnel and are often used in search and rescue operations in conjunction with tactical knives. It’s important to take note that in addition to a blade, tactical tomahawks also include a spike as well as a hammer. These additional tools prove vital in operations where another person’s life is on the line.

Breaking and entering

Along the lines of search and rescue operations, modern tomahawks are also commonly used by first responders such as firefighters in order to breach doors, windows, and other obstacles. Imagine you are shut behind a sealed door with a fire behind you that is rapid encroaching on your space. A firefighter would mostly likely use a tomahawk to breach the door and bring you out to safety.

Though tomahawks are often though of as an ancient weapon, it’s easy to see why tactical tomahawks have made their niche in the modern world! Get more here:

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